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Translation of all types of texts from English/Spanish/Catalan into Italian/Sardinian to help your business go further.

Think about how many new customers you can get by opening your business to different countries and you will want this service to provide a reliable and accurate translation of all your products.


Translation of web pages, software, video games and mobile applications from English/ Spanish/Catalan into Italian/Sardinian.

This type of translation takes into account all the elements and not just the words, so it is an integral service of adaptation to the target culture.

In addition, it needs subsequent testing to verify that the user does not perceive any failure.


I revise and proofread your texts from English/Spanish/Catalan into Italian/Sardinian to make them perfect for the target public.

Four eyes see better than two. In the translation sector, this saying is not just a recommendation, it is a professional principle.

The proofreading service is carried out in full respect of the confidentiality of the documents. Contact me to find out more about my security procedures.


Spanish<>Italian consecutive interpretation service. With consecutive interpreting, the interpreter translates the speaker’s words little by little during brief pauses that the speaker deliberately makes.

It is one of the most difficult interpretations and, moreover, it requires a lot of practice, a great ability for concentration and a great professionalism. 

This modality is the most suitable for meetings with few people, press conferences and other events of short duration.


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